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Spicy Noodle Soup: Aromatic & Numbing

Looking for a dish that packs a punch and gives your taste buds a treat?

Add some spice to your life with our Spicy Noodle Soup!

Image Credits: sunbrandbyhuphuat on Instagram


1/2 Cup Snow Peas

1 Cup Shiitake Mushroom

2 Tomatoes

1 Tbsp Fermented Soybean Paste

1 Tbsp Dried Chili Crisps

1 Bowl Silken Tofu

2 Tbsp Corn Kernel

Minced Garlic

Minced Ginger

Hup Huat Whole Wheat Vegetarian Noodle


1. Fry the Aromatics (Ginger and Garlic)

2. Add the Dried Chili Crisps and Fermented Soybean Paste

3. Add the Shiitake Mushroom and Tomatoes

4. Add the Corn Kernel and Snow Peas

5. Add Water and wait for it to boil

6. Add Tofu

7. Add Salt and Pepper

8. Pour Soup over Cooked Noodles

If you are interested to use Hup Huat Noodles, you can find out more information from their website:


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