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Delicate yet Umami-filled Cold Dashi Noodle

Tame the hot weather in Singapore with this refreshing and easy-to-make Cold Dashi Noodle which you can slurp without breaking a sweat!

Try out our savory and flavorful Noodle Dish recipe made using ready-to-eat Chye Choon's Golden Leaf Brown Rice Noodle!

Image Credits: chyechoonfoodspremier on Instagram


Golden Leaf Brown Rice Noodle

Dashi Stock



Spring Onion

Ice Cubes


1. Mix Dashi Stock (80%), Shoyu (10%) and Mirin (10%) together

2. Slice the spring onion and add it into the dipping sauce

3. Chill the sauce with some ice cubes

4. Serve the dish cold with the noodle straight from the packet

If you are interested to use Chye Choon Noodles, you can find out more information from their website:


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