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Leavesbykai: Introducing Exquisite Teas to Singapore, Showcased at Restaurant Asia 2023

Image Credits: Leavesbykai Website

Leavesbykai made a notable presence at Restaurant Asia 2023, where they captivated visitors with their collection of exquisite teas. Founded in 2022 by a young couple who developed a deep appreciation for Chinese Kung Fu Tea during their stay in Taiwan, Leavesbykai is committed to crafting premium tea leaves for both wholesale and retail customers. Driven by their passion and inspired by the remarkable flavors they discovered, they set out on a mission to introduce a new generation of Tea Lovers in Singapore to the world of extraordinary teas.

Beyond the exceptional taste and euphoria that their tea leaves offer, Leavesbykai presents their teas with captivating and visually appealing packaging, specifically targeting the younger generation. They aim to break the stereotypes associated with Chinese Kung Fu Tea, showcasing that it is not limited to the older generation but can be enjoyed by all.

The tea leaves used by Leavesbykai are carefully harvested from the high mountains of Taiwan. They prioritize the use of natural and pollution-free raw materials during production, ensuring the most authentic and natural flavors in their teas. Every harvest undergoes meticulous inspection to guarantee consistency and exceptional taste in all the tea leaves they offer, promising a truly euphoric experience for your taste buds.

In contrast to the common tea bags found in supermarkets, Leavesbykai's packaging focuses on convenience and environmental sustainability. By using small aluminum balls to encase the tea leaves, consumers can easily brew their tea, eliminating the need for plastic-based tea bags. This approach not only promotes portability but also supports eco-friendly practices.

With a core commitment to providing healthier products, Leavesbykai offers customization options for B2B customers, allowing them to tailor the packaging to their specific needs. For individual consumers, their tea is available for purchase online, ensuring accessibility and convenience.

Participating in this show serves as an opportunity for Leavesbykai to connect with a wider audience and forge new relationships within the industry. Their ultimate goal is to share their passion for tea and introduce more people to the world of exquisite, health-conscious tea enjoyment.

Leavesbykai’s Website:


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