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Sunsu Distribution: Kore New Zealand’s Premium Manuka Honey

Image Credits: Sunsu Distribution Website

Sunsu Distribution Pte Ltd is a young, Singapore-based company founded by Singaporeans. Initially, their focus was on sourcing the healthiest products for personal consumption and sharing them with close family and friends. However, their passion for providing carefully selected products led them to extend their offerings to a wider audience in Singapore.

Their mission is to distribute only the highest quality, ethically sourced, and organic foods from the antipodes, ensuring that they are tested and certified to be nutrient-rich. One of their notable offerings is the KORE™ New Zealand Manuka Honey range, which is certified and tested for its natural MGO levels. This range is made exclusively with the highest quality Manuka Honey and boasts 100% traceability.

Unlike Manuka honey found in other parts of the world, Sunsu Distribution Pte Ltd takes pride in the authenticity of their Manuka honey, as it originates from New Zealand. They confidently assert that their honey is the most original because the entire sourcing, production, and harvesting process is 100% New Zealand-owned, operated, and harvested. One noteworthy feature is that their Manuka honey does not crystallize, making it highly versatile for use in F&B, baking, cooking, and skincare applications.

Through their participation in the trade show, Sunsu Distribution Pte Ltd hopes to connect with more honey lovers and encourage F&B establishments to incorporate Manuka honey into their culinary creations. They aim to raise awareness among people about the authentic and original Manuka honey available in the market, alleviating concerns about purchasing non-genuine honey with different taste profiles.

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