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ShuKuu Izakaya Lunch Special: $5 Donburis and $2.50 Side Dishes

Image Credits: shukuuizakaya on Instagram

Conceived by four passionate aficionados of all things Japanese, Shukuu stands as a testament to their profound experiences in Japan. A fusion of exquisite gastronomy, delightful beverages, and an authentic Izakaya ambiance, Shukuu is more than a dining spot; it's a canvas of creative expression.

As current inflation rates and GST upticks tighten the financial belt for CBD dining, Shukuu responds with an anti-inflationary offering — a lunch that's both delightful and worry-free. It's their way of reassuring the community, saying, "We've got you covered!" Amidst a menu featuring delectable Donburis starting from $14, the highlight is two curated Donburis, changing daily, at an unbeatable $5 each. Complement your feast with sides, each priced at an enticing $2.50. Join in on this exclusive lunch promotion every Tuesday to Friday, from 11:30 am to 2 pm, where convenience and quality converge at budget-friendly rates.

Savor the classic Gyu Don, where tender beef slices, a poached egg, and caramelized onions create a flavorful symphony. The Tori Soboro Don introduces sweet-savory ground chicken, a poached egg, and peas atop fluffy steamed rice. Unagi enthusiasts can relish the Unagi Tama Don, featuring slices of unagi and sweet tamago egg.

The Katsu Kuro Curry unveils a katsu curry made with a rich blackened curry roux. Indulge in the Negitoro Don, a delicate mix of high-quality sashimi-grade tuna, tobiko, and a raw egg. The Salmon Don offers fresh sashimi atop sweet vinegared rice, a true value for its price.

And the feast extends with four daily side dish options: Red Miso with Clams, Ramen Egg, Brinjal with Goma Sauce, and Potato Salad. Treat yourself to a lunch that's an exploration of flavors without breaking the bank.

Location: 8 Stanley St, Singapore 068727

Tel: NA

Opening Hours: 11:30 am–2 pm, 5:30–10:30 pm (Tues - Fri), 5:30–10:30 pm (Sat - Mon)


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