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JJ Lin's Miracle Coffee Prepares for Grand Opening at ArtScience Museum on December 6

Image Credits: miraclecoffeesg on Instagram

After a year-long presence at Marina Bay Sands' outdoor Rain Oculus, Miracle Coffee, founded by local pop sensation JJ Lin, is set to establish a permanent home at the ArtScience Museum lobby! The grand opening marks the initiation of Miracle Lab, a collaborative platform for coffee enthusiasts to engage in discussions centered around coffee, innovation, and more. The inaugural session, hosted by Miracle Coffee and featuring prominent local coffee artisans, promises to be a noteworthy event.

During its previous pop-up stint, Miracle Coffee offered a diverse menu of 10 drinks, ranging from renowned pour overs and cold brews to Americanos, cappuccinos, specialty lattes, and an exclusive beverage crafted for the Singapore audience.

One highlight, the Kaya Cloud, boasts an Americano with kaya-infused cream and gula melaka shavings. The harmonious blend of lightly salted kaya cream and a mild roast creates a delightful contrast of bitter coffee and sweet kaya cream. The Brown Sugar Hojicha Latte combines brown sugar and hojicha powder with full-cream steamed milk, topped with torched marshmallows. For a refreshing option, there's JJ’s “Wonderblend” smoothie, a unique fusion of antioxidants and fruits. Meanwhile, the Miracle Milo stands out with its thick and rich milo base, complete with a chocolate and cereal-coated cup reminiscent of the iconic Milo Dinosaur.

The previous menu also featured delectable desserts like the Dark Thunder Cloud, an enticing combination of lightly roasted black sesame mousse, sea buckthorn compote, and cacao sable biscuit. The Kopi Choux Puff showcased a local twist with coffee-roasted cream infused with crunchy cookie, all under a marble glaze. The Blueberry Danish, featuring butterfly pea flower-infused crispy pastry filled with vanilla custard and freshly picked blueberries, added a sweet touch to the offerings.

With the permanent location, patrons can anticipate the potential retention of beloved items on the menu and the introduction of exciting new additions.

Location: 6 Bayfront Ave, Lobby, ArtScience Museum, Singapore 018974

Tel: TBA

Opening Hours: TBA


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