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Ilmiri Fusion Cuisine, Renowned for Its Cheese Jimdak, Debuts First Singapore Outlet

Image Credits: on Instagram

Ilmiri Korean Fusion Cuisine, a renowned restaurant chain with almost 200 branches across Korea and featuring in popular Korean dramas like Vincenzo, Shooting Stars, and Hyena, has made its debut in Singapore, near Clarke Quay. This celebrated Korean eatery is best known for its signature dish, jjimdak or braised chicken, and their menu boasts a wide variety of jjimdak dishes.

A standout item on their menu is the Cloud Cheese Jjimdak, which stars their distinctive braised chicken, potato chunks, rice cakes, vegetables, and glass noodles generously smothered in a layer of mozzarella cheese. The jjimdak is a mouthwatering sweet and savory delight, with the various ingredients harmonizing into a satisfying and wholesome meal. The stretchy cheese adds a savory touch, and the sauce-soaked glass noodles provide a chewy contrast.

For those who relish spicier fare, the Red Chilli Jjimdak is a tempting option, while those seeking unique and robust flavors can opt for the Truffle Jjimdak. Alternatively, classic choices like Soy Sauce Jjimdak and BBQ Jjimdak are also available.

Another star attraction is the Mari, a modern take on Korean royal cuisine. This visually stunning and flavor-packed dish presents fresh vegetables wrapped in charcoal-grilled beef or pork, accompanied by three delectable dipping sauces: Yuzu Soy, Sesame Sauce, and Thai Chilli.

Eonyang Bulgogi, a local specialty hailing from the southern part of Korea, features marinated beef in a soy-based sauce, cooked on a charcoal grill, resulting in a dish that's light, crispy, and infused with a smoky, nutty aroma.

Don't overlook the Crunchy Potato, a potato pancake crowned with sour cream and vegetables, delivering a delightful medley of crunchiness, savoriness, tanginess, and creaminess. Other options on the menu encompass rice dishes such as the classic Beef or Pork Bulgogi Bibimbap, as well as heartwarming stews like Korean Tofu Stew and Soybean Paste Stew.

Ilmiri Korean Fusion Cuisine's arrival in Singapore is sure to delight food enthusiasts with its diverse and flavorsome offerings, embodying the rich culinary traditions of Korea.

Location: 25/26 Circular Road, Singapore 049381

Tel: +65 8468 8566

Opening Hours: 11 am–11 pm (Mon - Fri), 12–11 pm (Sat - Sun)


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