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Gyu San: Irresistibly Affordable A5 Wagyu Japanese Hamburg

Image Credits: on Instagram

Embark on an extraordinary culinary journey at Gyu San Charcoal Bar, where the renowned brand's delectable wagyu sandos take center stage. Located in Forum Orchard, this innovative restaurant reimagines the art of savoring wagyu with its unique charcoal-grilling concept. Prepare to be dazzled as affordable and mouthwatering Wagyu hamburgs and skewers are expertly cooked over binchotan, creating an explosion of flavors. While the spotlight shines on their charcoal-grilled hamburgs, fear not, as you can still indulge in their beloved Wagyu sandos at the other side of the restaurant, facing the bustling main road.

The star of the menu is the A5 Wagyu Japanese Gyu San Hamburg Set, featuring two irresistible 90g Wagyu patties expertly fired in the open-concept kitchen. Served with a side salad, unlimited rice, and comforting miso soup, this set offers a complete and satisfying meal.

Prepare your taste buds for an extraordinary experience as you bite into the juicy, tender, and flavorful beef patties at Gyu San Charcoal Bar. Made with luxurious A5 wagyu beef, these patties are a true culinary delight. The succulent beef, with its perfect balance of fat, is enhanced by the addition of sweet onions and expertly chosen seasonings, resulting in a patty that is simply irresistible. While the patties are best savored on their own, you have the option to elevate the experience with a choice of eight different sauces, ranging from traditional yuzu kosho to local Singaporean sambal. To keep the patties warm and ensure your enjoyment, each set is presented with a personal mini grill.

To complement your set, consider adding various sides like grilled vegetables such as Shiitake, Shishito Peppers, Asparagus, and Enoki & Beef or the delectable Onsen Egg to mix into your rice. The affordable price of just S$23.80 for A5 wagyu is truly a steal considering the exceptional quality of the beef.

Prepare to be captivated by the irresistible flavors and exceptional value that Gyu San Charcoal Bar offers, making it a must-visit destination for wagyu enthusiasts and food lovers alike.

Location: 583 Orchard Rd, #01-28 Forum The Shopping Mall, Singapore 238884

Tel: +65 8313 6655

Opening Hours: 11:30 am–10 pm (Mon - Fri), 9 am–10 pm (Sat - Sun)


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