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Gong Cha: Brand New Solero-inspired Ice Cream Bubble Tea with Drinkable Mochi

Image Credits: gongchasgofficial on Instagram

Gong Cha, the beloved Taiwanese bubble tea brand, is taking you on a nostalgic journey with its latest limited edition offering – the Solero-Inspired Bubble Tea, complete with delightful drinkable mochi.

Remember the cherished Solero Ice Cream Bar from your childhood? It's that creamy vanilla ice confectionary enveloped in a zesty lime-flavored sorbet shell. Now, Gong Cha has teamed up with ice cream brand Walls to bring you this delightful combination in a drink. The beverage features Solero ingredients like a tangy lime syrup, freshly-made mochi, and Gong Cha's signature green tea, all for just S$5.80 per cup, but hurry, as it's available only while stocks last.

What can you expect from this delightful concoction? Picture a harmonious blend of tart, creamy, and refreshing notes dancing on your taste buds. The QQ mochi, with its chewy and playful texture, adds an extra layer of enjoyment to each sip, creating a truly satisfying and invigorating drinking experience.

This delectable Solero-inspired bubble tea is available at Gong Cha outlets all across the island, excluding the hospital kiosks and delivery platforms. It's on offer while supplies last, so be sure to seize this opportunity. But wait, there's more! The first 1,200 customers will be treated to a $5 Redmart ice cream voucher, redeemable for scrumptious brands such as Ben & Jerry's, Magnum, and other delectable Wall's products. Don't let this chance slip away to relish in a bubble tea experience that's sure to evoke cherished memories.


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