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Fong Yit Kaya x Food Canopy: Serving Healthier Choice Breakfast Set in the Month of August

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Fong Yit Kaya has established itself as a specialist in providing top-notch Kaya, a delectable bread spread or jam made from coconuts, eggs, and pandan leaves. Since 1945, they have been delighting the hearts of Singaporeans with their high-quality kaya products. The company remains steadfast in upholding the founder, Mr. Goh Hong Chit's principles of prioritizing product excellence and customer satisfaction. With a commitment to maintaining tradition, Fong Yit Kaya continues to produce their kaya using the same authentic recipe passed down through three generations.

Emphasizing the use of only the finest ingredients, Fong Yit Kaya prides itself on utilizing high-quality local eggs that are low in cholesterol. In addition to their classic offerings, they also provide healthier choice variants, catering to the diverse preferences of their valued customers. Fong Yit Kaya's dedication to quality and heritage ensures that their delectable kaya products continue to warm the hearts of those who savor them.

Indulge in a delightful and healthier breakfast experience as Fong Yit Kaya teams up with Food Canopy to present the Healthier Choice Breakfast Set for the entire month of August! Head to the Bukit Canberra Hawker Centre, where two stores, Kopi Tan and La Kopi, will be serving this delectable set.

Immerse yourself in the quintessential Singaporean breakfast, featuring the beloved traditional Kaya Toast paired with soft-boiled eggs and coffee. The delightful interplay of textures creates a simple yet incredibly satisfying culinary journey. Savor the creamy Fong Yit Kaya spread, thoughtfully crafted with less sugar for a healthier choice without compromising on flavor. The heavenly toast perfectly complements the Kaya, elevating each bite to a moment of pure bliss.

And that's not all – enhance your breakfast experience by dipping the toast into the savory and peppery soft-boiled eggs, adding an extra touch of joy to the entire meal. Treat yourself to this wholesome and scrumptious breakfast set, skillfully curated to bring you the best of Singaporean flavors while supporting your well-being. Don't miss out on this delightful breakfast opportunity at Kopi Tan and La Kopi in Bukit Canberra Hawker Centre!

Don't miss the giveaway event, where 10 lucky winners can receive a month's worth of Fong Yit XO Kaya Less Sugar and a reusable eco-friendly travel mug. Participate by posting a photo of your breakfast set from Kopi Tan or La Kopi, following and tagging @fongyitkaya and @bukitcanberrahc on Instagram. Winners will be announced at the end of the promotion. Enjoy this delightful breakfast opportunity!

Location: 21 Canberra Link, Singapore 756973

Tel: NA

Opening Hours: 7 am–11 pm

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