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Amoy Street Welcomes The Fat Kid Bakery: Enjoy Fluffy and Satisfying Sourdough Bombos

Image Credits: thefatkidbakery on Instagram

If you haven't been keeping up with the Bomboloni trend, they are Italian doughnuts with a reputation for their airy and fluffy texture. The Fat Kid Bakery, opening on 18 April at Amoy Street, has elevated this delicacy with their unique sourdough base. These delectable treats are soft, light, and can be filled with either sweet or savory fillings.

We suggest going for a box of 10 Sourdough Bombos to sample all the available flavors. The Classic Bomboloni is a substantial, fluffy and plump treat coated with a delicate layer of sugar. The more unique flavors are the Citrus Bomb and Blueberry Cheesecake. The Citrus Bomb is sharp and invigorating, with a filling that lived up to its name as a "citrus bomb." Bursting with tangy and zesty notes, the filling highlighted the star ingredient, calamansi, without overshadowing it. With a berry flavor and a mild tanginess from the cream cheese, the Blueberry Cheesecake at The Fat Kid Bakery boasts a velvety filling that is punctuated by pockets of succulent fruit juice.

In addition to their popular sweet Bomboloni, The Fat Kid Bakery's Telok Ayer outlet will showcase an assortment of novel savory stuffed doughnuts. Our favorites include the Torched Mentaiko, a creamy, rich and savory filling stuffed in the Bomboloni.

While you are in Amoy Street, do look for The Fat Kid Bakery. They offer a wide selection of baked delights, such as Sourdough Bomboloni, Brownies, Eclairs, Cookies, and French-style Croissants.

Location: Amoy St, #39, Singapore 069865

Tel: +65 8836 4833

Opening Hours: TBA


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