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Affordable and Diverse Sushi Delights Await at Sushi-GO's New Outlet in Marina Square

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The Ang Mo Kio branch, which gained significant attention for its charming AI robot servers named GO-Bots, is expanding its reach. These adorable robots, displaying emoji-like expressions, have become a distinct feature of the restaurant. Customers place their orders through the restaurant's mobile app, and these GO-Bots efficiently deliver the orders to the diners' tables. Now, a third branch is set to open on the second floor of Marina Square, introducing an array of new additions to the menu. The tradition of GO-Bot-assisted service continues at Sushi-GO Marina Square, mirroring the successful concept at the AMK outlet.

With an extensive menu comprising over 150 items, Sushi-GO offers a diverse culinary experience. The menu spans sushi and hot dishes, including rice bowls and ramen, as well as tempting desserts. Notably, the majority of the menu items at Sushi-GO are priced below $10, with some sushi items available for as low as $2.50. In addition to the familiar options of nigiri, gunkan, sashimi, and handrolls, the restaurant boasts an assortment of donburi and other delectable hot dishes.

The hallmark GO Sushi Series, a favorite among patrons, features dishes like the GO-Tsumami Salmon—a delightful arrangement of salmon sushi crowned with crab stick and ikura—and the Mentai Mayo-GO, which showcases mentai mayo salmon, prawn, and crab stick.

Presenting an enticing selection of petite donburi options exclusively available at the Marina Square branch. Among the standouts is the Butsugiri Salmon Avocado Don, harmonizing marinated salmon with creamy avocado atop short-grain rice. Indulge in the opulent Negitoro Tekka Don, a medley of two marinated tuna types, including the sumptuous fatty tuna, elegantly served on short-grain rice. Chirashi enthusiasts will relish the timeless delight of the classic Kaisen Don. For aficionados of aburi-ed Japanese dishes, the recently introduced Aburi Hanasaki Salmon Sushi is an essential experience. Sushi-GO continues to captivate diners with imaginative offerings like the Unagi Trio and the Cheezy Dragon Roll—both bringing novel dimensions to their culinary repertoire.

The upcoming launch of Sushi-GO's Marina Square branch promises not only the continuation of its endearing GO-Bot service but also an expanded menu that caters to diverse tastes, making it an exciting addition to the culinary scene.

Location: 6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-277, Marina Square, Singapore 039594

Tel: TBA

Opening Hours: TBA


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