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Whether you are looking to simply go "viral" or want to increase brand awareness, we strategies a range of campaigns that are tailored to your brand's target audience, tone of voice and approach. 

Asia Farm x Mr Mookata

In the midst of a pandemic and an exhaustive list of travel restrictions, we wanted to bring the 'Thai' experience to Singapore instead. Asia Farm collaborated with Mr Mookata to get dashing and muscular hunks as drink servers which wowed the crowd and drew a lot of physical traffic along with media attention.


Healthy Campaign Singapore

Launched in 2019, in collaboration with our associates, The Planner Affair (TPA) and TPW Media, the aim of this project was to promote healthy eating within the Singapore market by introducing the healthy bowl campaign.

TPA and TPW Media collaborated with professional chefs, cafes & restaurant owners to come up with a variety of healthier choice rice bowls that features healthier choice ingredients like brown rice, low calorie cooking oil, and other healthier choice certified ingredients during the R&D process to produce the final product. 

This campaign saw success, with over more than 100 café and restaurant owners adopting the concept of the healthier bowl campaign and were actively promoting the healthier rice bowls in their food menu -- which aligned with health promotion boards goal of converting Singapore consumers towards eating healthier. 

Publicity - Healthy Bowl Campaign - Poster-1.jpeg
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