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Yung Yung: Thai-Style Yaowarat Buns That Took Singapore by Storm

Image Credits: on Instagram

Nestled within the vibrant food scene of Singapore, Yùng Yùng stands out as a unique establishment. While it primarily identifies as a beverage shop, Yùng Yùng has gained widespread recognition and a devoted following for something unexpected – their Thai-style Yaowarat buns. These delightful buns have their origins in the bustling streets of Bangkok's Chinatown, known as Yaowarat, and have been thoughtfully brought to Singapore by Yùng Yùng.

What makes these buns so exceptional is the perfect harmony of textures and flavors they offer. The buns are an embodiment of contrast, with a crispy toasted exterior that boasts a satisfying crunch, while inside, they are soft and fluffy, creating a delightful balance. Yùng Yùng takes the toasting process seriously, ensuring the buns achieve a golden-brown perfection that's nothing short of mouthwatering.

Now, let's talk about the star of the show – the creamy fillings. Yùng Yùng has curated a diverse selection of fillings to cater to a wide range of tastes. The Peanut Butter option is ideal for those who enjoy the interplay of salty, sweet, nutty, and earthy notes that only the finest peanut butter can provide. For chocolate enthusiasts, there's the Chocolate bun, a rich and mouth watering spread that's sure to satisfy your chocolate cravings. The Lotus Biscoff bun features a smooth and creamy spread made from the famous Lotus Biscoff cookies, adding a delightful layer of sweetness to your bite. If you have a penchant for tradition, the Traditional Pandan Kaya bun is a perfect choice, offering a rich and creamy spread crafted from coconut milk, cane sugar, and eggs. Lastly, the Bis-Choco bun is a delightful creation featuring a house-made Chocolate & Biscoff spread, adorned with Biscoff Crumbs, delivering a mouthful of exquisite flavors in every bite.

But Yùng Yùng offers more than just these irresistible buns. You can complement your Yaowarat bun experience with their Thai Red/Green Milk Tea. This addition to their menu extends an invitation to explore even more layers of taste, ensuring that every visit to Yùng Yùng is a flavorful adventure.

Location: Aperia Mall #01-20, 12 Kallang Ave, Singapore 339511

Tel: NA

Opening Hours: 10 am–9 pm

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