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Xiao Gege: QQ Mochi, Scrumptious Boxed Cakes, and Silky Mousse Cakes

Image Credits: xiaogegemochi on Instagram

Located in Chinatown, Xiao Gege is a dessert kiosk offering a plethora of treats, including XXL Mochi and various cakes such as boxed cakes, mousse cakes, and cake rolls. With a menu of over 30 desserts, deciding what to indulge in can be a challenge.

We started with the crowd-favorite snowball mochi at Xiao Gege, available in a variety of flavors like Taro, Mango, Matcha Oreo, Black Gold Musang King, and more. These large mochi balls have a stretchy thin skin and a cream-based filling, with some flavors including pieces of fruit. These mochi balls have a thin, stretchy skin and cream-based filling, with some flavors featuring fruit pieces. Our top recommendations are the Purple Sweet Potato Snowball Mochi for its bouncy texture and earthy cream, the Mango Mochi for its whipped cream and sweet mango chunks, and the Black Gold Musang King Durian Mochi for its rich and creamy MSW filling.

Xiao Gege's box cakes were visually stunning with vibrant colors, each layer comprising sponge, cream, and flavored fillings. We highly recommend trying the Taro Tiramisu Box Cake with coffee-soaked chiffon cake, heavy cream, and taro paste. The coffee-soaked cake layers had a strong, bitter taste which was well balanced by the moderately sweet taro and cream. The combination might sound strange but was absolutely delicious.

The White Rabbit Roll caught our attention, with its sweet cream, pudding center, and crushed Oreo bits. As a fan of White Rabbit candy, we were delighted to find that the Swiss Roll replicated the nostalgic taste perfectly. The milky cream and smooth pudding block were identical in taste, while the crushed Oreo added a cocoa flavor that complemented the White Rabbit elements.

The impressive quality of the products and the inventive flavor combinations at this cozy little store left us amazed. We highly recommend paying them a visit if you have the chance!

Location: 5 Banda St, #01-90 佛牙寺旁边, Singapore 050005

Tel: +65 9102 4150

Opening Hours: 10am – 7pm


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