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Top 5 Unique Mooncakes to Try this Upcoming Mooncake Festival 2023

Celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival in style with the top 5 unique mooncakes in Singapore for 2023. As this cherished festival approaches, it's the perfect time to explore the finest mooncake creations that will not only satisfy your taste buds but also leave a lasting impression on your guests. Whether you're a fan of traditional baked mooncakes or prefer the more contemporary snow skin variations, this curated list has something special in store for every mooncake connoisseur. Join us on a delectable journey through the best mooncakes Singapore has to offer this year.

1. Shangri-La

Image Credits: shangrilasg on Instagram

Delight in the exceptional flavors of Shangri-La’s Premium Black Thorn Durian Snowskin Mooncakes, celebrated for their lavish taste and sought after for their sumptuous filling. These mooncakes offer an exquisite fusion of luxury and flavor, delivering an unparalleled indulgence. With its bittersweet, creamy richness and a subtle undertone of alcohol, all encased in a tender, chewy snow skin, the Black Thorn Durian variety stands as a testament to culinary artistry. Alongside this delectable option, Shangri-La presents an array of unique flavors, such as the Shang Palace Spirulina Mung Bean with Bird's Nest Charcoal Mooncake. This variant features a nutty mung bean essence paired with the nourishing addition of bird's nest, all cradled within a luxurious charcoal skin adorned with edible gold.

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2. Pan Pacific Singapore

Image Credits: panpacificsingapore on Instagram

Pan Pacific Singapore's Hai Tien Lo, an award-winning establishment, offers a delectable array of both timeless classics and innovative flavors. Among their creations, the Yam Paste White Rabbit Candy Ganache Snow Skin Mooncake stands out as a delightful fusion of nostalgia and taste. This mooncake encapsulates the essence of childhood memories with a ganache center that pays homage to the beloved white rabbit candy, complemented by earthy yam flavors. The result is a snow skin mooncake that exudes a mild sweetness and comforting familiarity with every bite. Additionally, you can savor other intriguing options like the Orange Paste Matcha Ganache Snow Skin and cherished classics like the Hai Tien Lo No.1 Tea Baked Mooncake.

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3. Four Seasons Singapore

Image Credits: fssingapore on Instagram

Treat your palate to the sublime flavors of the season with Four Seasons Singapore's latest mooncake offerings. Among these delectable creations, the Miso, Cranberry, and White Chocolate Snowskin Mooncake presents a harmonious blend of savory miso, tart cranberry, and creamy white chocolate encased in a delicate snow skin. Equally delightful is the Jasmine Tea and Pear Snowskin Mooncake, which delights with its fragrant and refreshing notes, complemented by a velvety snow skin boasting a delightful texture. These mooncakes are a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, featuring premium ingredients and a reduced sugar content that allows you to savor the authentic essence of the season without overwhelming sweetness.

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4. Bread Garden Singapore

Image Credits: breadgardensingapore on Instagram

Celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival with a touch of sophistication by savoring Bread Garden's Raspberry Cheese Snow Skin Mooncake. Picture the natural sweetness and invigorating tartness of raspberry harmonizing with creamy cheesecake, all adorned with delightful chocolate morsels. This delectable combination is elegantly enclosed within a soft, vibrant pink snow skin. Immerse yourself in the allure of this refreshing departure from tradition. Alternatively, you can opt for the Coco Lava Mooncake, a sumptuous fusion of Ovaltine's crunchy delights and the velvety richness of Premium Italian Hazelnut cocoa, all embraced by a delicate layer of zesty lime paste. It's a tantalizing symphony that promises to enchant your taste buds.

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5. Shisen Hanten

Image Credits: shisenhanten on Instagram

For those who appreciate tradition, consider the Shisen Hanten Collection, a box that presents an array of their iconic mooncakes. These include Assorted Nuts and Jamón Ibérico, Double Yolk and White Lotus Paste, Macadamia Nuts and White Lotus Paste in Low Sugar, and Azuki Red Bean Paste and Pine Nuts. This collection is accompanied by a bottle of Gusbourne Blanc de Blancs 2018 from Kent. Alternatively, you can explore the Exquisite Mini Snow-Skin Mooncakes, such as the Lychee Martini Chocolate with White Lotus Paste in Low Sugar. These mini delights feature a delightful infusion of Lychee flavor with a subtle Martini essence and a luscious chocolate indulgence.

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From the opulent flavors of Shangri-La's Premium Black Thorn Durian Snowskin Mooncakes to the nostalgic charm of Pan Pacific Singapore's Yam Paste White Rabbit Candy Ganache Snow Skin Mooncake, these creations are a testament to culinary artistry and innovation. Four Seasons Singapore offers a delightful blend of flavors with reduced sugar, while Bread Garden Singapore tantalizes your taste buds with refreshing twists. Shisen Hanten adds a touch of tradition to the mix. Whether you seek tradition or innovation, these mooncakes are set to elevate your Mid-Autumn celebrations.


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