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Tipo Pasta Bar: Affordable, Halal-Friendly Handmade Italian Pasta

Image Credits: tiposg on Instagram

Tipo Gnocchi is a unique café that specializes in freshly prepared gnocchi - a type of Italian dumplings that are not widely available in Singapore. The gnocchi is made by hand-rolling a mixture of flour and potatoes on a daily basis, ensuring that guests get to relish the best and freshest taste possible. The café boasts a visually stunning storefront painted in a striking orange hue, making it hard to miss. For all the gnocchi lovers out there, Tipo Gnocchi is a must-visit destination to satisfy your cravings.

At Tipo Gnocchi, customers can customize their gnocchi dish with a build-your-own option, similar to its pasta counterpart. This option allows diners to choose their preferred sauce from a range of choices, including classic Alfredo sauce and exclusive Smoky Chipotle Tomato sauce, as well as toppings like Salmon Caviar and Lump Crabmeat. It's worth noting that gnocchi has a softer and less firm texture compared to traditional pasta, providing a tender and mildly chewy experience.

If you're unsure of how to customize your gnocchi dish, Tipo Gnocchi offers a selection of Gnocchi House Specials that are worth trying. Our top pick is the Duck Ragu, which features braised duck that has been cooked overnight in a rich and flavorful sauce. Topped with Swiss brown mushrooms, grated grana padano, and parsley, this dish offers a perfect combination of flavors and textures. For those who enjoy lighter flavors, the Seafood Kombu at Tipo Gnocchi is a great choice. This dish offers a delightful umami taste, with the clear broth fully infused with the flavors of kombu and clams.

In conclusion, our experience at Tipo Gnocchi was delightful and we highly recommend it to anyone who has yet to try gnocchi.

Location: 785 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198753

Tel: +65 9009 2402

Opening Hours: 11am - 10pm


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