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The Ultimate Comfort Food: Bai Nian Niang Dou Foo

Image Credits: bainiansg on Instagram

Bai Nian Niang Dou Foo, situated within the bustling Albert Food Centre, has solidified its status as an immensely popular and enduring hawker stall, often drawing lengthy queues of eager patrons. The concept of serving bite-sized Hakka yong tau foo items, setting it apart from its counterparts, originated during a challenging period when the owner was overcome by a craving for these delightful, tender, and bite-sized meat-stuffed tofu morsels.

In contrast to most Yong Tau Foo establishments that allow customers to tailor their selections, Bai Nian adheres to a fixed set menu for its soup offerings, sparing diners the need to make specific choices. This set comprises seven distinctive elements: beancurd, bitter gourd, pork paste, prawn paste, and a trio of rolls - white, black, and gold. These rolls encompass fillings of fish, pork, and a combination of prawn and pork, respectively.

Among the standout ingredients, the golden bean curd cube takes the spotlight as a deep-fried delicacy, featuring a delicate, crispy layer of bean curd skin encasing a tender and flavorful core. The prawn paste offers an enticing twist with its succulent sweetness and a springy texture, further enriched by the addition of roe, which elevates the shrimp-infused experience. The black roll, enfolding pork paste in a bean curd skin, and the white roll, showcasing fish paste within the same skin, both feature slightly chewy exteriors that meld seamlessly with their meaty fillings. However, what truly captivates customers is the clean and delightful clear soup, celebrated for its delicate yet remarkably flavorful essence. Crafted using soya bean and anchovies, it delivers a rich taste profile without relying on additional MSG.

For those seeking an extra indulgence, the stall presents tender, succulent, and crispy Chicken Wings, masterfully cooked to perfection, ensuring each bite leaves diners yearning for more.

Bai Nian Niang Dou Foo at Albert Food Centre stands as a cherished hawker gem with a legacy of delighting patrons through its distinctive Hakka yong tau foo offerings, making it the ultimate comfort food destination.

Location: 270 Queen St, #01-106, Singapore 180270

Tel: +65 6802 5491

Opening Hours: 7:30 am–9 pm


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