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The Homme Baker: Instagrammable Swiss-Cheese Shaped Cakes

Image Credits: the_homme_baker on Instagram

Emerging amidst the pandemic shutdown in March 2020, The Homme Baker has captivated customers with its exquisite handcrafted pastries and confectioneries. At the helm of this culinary venture is pastry chef Pond Lim, whose passion for baking ignited at the young age of 18 and flourished through culinary arts studies in Thailand. Over time, he has expanded his repertoire to include a delectable array of treats, ranging from chocolates to mooncakes and beyond.

A star attraction is the T&J Collection, paying playful homage to the beloved Tom and Jerry cartoon. Chef Pond's ingenuity shines through these eye-catching cakes resembling swiss cheese, complete with recognizable holes and a whimsical triangular shape. The collection boasts an enticing selection of flavors, such as Cheesecake Original, Yuzu, Strawberry Shortcake, Raspberry Panna Cotta, Ondeh, and Dark Chocolate Banoffee.

The Cheesecake Original Flavor delights with its rich creaminess embraced by a luscious caramel chocolate shell. On the other hand, the Yuzu surprises with its invigorating blend of Japanese yuzu and lemon curd, honey cream cheese, and cookie crumble, all encased in a crisp honey yuzu chocolate shell made with luxurious Valrhona chocolate from France.

For indulgence seekers, the Strawberry Shortcake and Raspberry Panna Cotta offer a harmonious balance of flavors wrapped in premium French Valrhona chocolate. Within their brittle shells lie delightful morsels of cake, cream, fruit, and more, making them a delightful treat for dessert enthusiasts or a sweet surprise for romantic evenings.

Local flavor enthusiasts will revel in the Ondeh, where a pandan-flavored white chocolate shell embraces a delightful fusion of cake, gula melaka, and coconut shavings, striking a perfect balance between sweet and savory. Chocolate lovers, on the other hand, will be enamored with the Dark Chocolate Banoffee, featuring fresh banana slices amidst rich dark chocolate.

Beyond the T&J Collection, The Homme Baker's entire cake selection beckons with equal allure. Standouts include the "Be Proud & Gorgeous" Chocolate Cake, boasting layers of sweet, buttery chocolate sauce crowned with a medley of fruits, herbs, and crunchy treats, creating a heavenly experience for chocolate enthusiasts.

To celebrate the bakery's opening, The Homme Baker reintroduced a popular confection symbolizing good fortune and prosperity. This classic lunar new year cake, adorned with eight pockets of mandarin orange toppings, epitomizes joyous reunion and prosperity. Its golden orange hue and round shape evoke a sense of festive celebration, while the mandarin orange sauce glaze imparts a light, airy texture with uplifting citrusy undertones. Perfect for sharing, each slice brings lip-smacking delight to loved ones and family members.

Location: 38 Margaret Dr, Unit 01-08, Singapore 141038

Tel: +65 9363 3800

Opening Hours: 10:30 am–8:30 pm (Tues - Sun), Closed (Mon)


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