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Project Burgs: Renowned Halal Burger Destination with Juicy Delights

Image Credits: projectburgs on Instagram

Led by two talented local chefs, Indra and Ridz, who boast experience from Michelin-starred restaurants, Burgs offers a unique burger experience. The duo's culinary expertise shines through as they focus on delivering high-quality, restaurant-style burgers without breaking the bank. At Burgs, customers can indulge in affordable yet premium burgers crafted with precision and passion.

Burg's Classic Cheese Burger begins with a meticulously crafted beef patty, which is complemented by the classic combination of American cheese, lettuce, and tomato. Infusing a local touch, the burger incorporates pickled green chili and crispy fried shallots, adding a burst of flavor. The buns, specially prepared using an original recipe, are a standout feature, boasting a delightful texture that is both soft and slightly crispy on the outside. The patties are skillfully cooked to achieve a juicy and crispy texture. To complete the ensemble, Burg's signature house-made sauces are generously applied.

Another crowd favorite is the Burgs' Chili Cheese Burger, presenting a tantalizing combination of flavors, starting with a juicy beef patty crowned with a delectable slice of melted cheese. The highlight of this burger is the house-made chili cheese sauce, which comes in the form of chicken chili con carne, creating a harmonious blend of creamy and spicy elements. Encased within flawlessly toasted burger buns, this creation is a feast for the senses. The chili sauce leans towards the sweeter side, enhanced by a subtle hint of spice that adds an extra layer of depth to the overall flavor profile.

For seafood enthusiasts, Burgs' Crispy Fish Burger showcases the use of Alaskan pollock fish, expertly prepared to achieve a delightful golden brown crispiness. The fried fish is generously coated with their flavorful house-made cheese sauce, creating a delectable combination of textures and tastes. The burger is further elevated with the addition of a refreshing tomato salsa, enhancing its overall freshness. While the batter coating the fish is slightly thin and softer in texture, it still adds a satisfying crunch to every bite.

In conclusion, Burg's burger offerings exemplify the essence of simplicity and excellence. With their focus on quality ingredients and attention to detail, Burg's delivers a satisfying culinary experience. The combination of tender buns, well-seasoned patties, and thoughtfully chosen ingredients creates a medley of flavors that are sure to delight the taste buds. For those seeking a burger that excels in taste and quality, Burg's is a testament to culinary excellence.

Location: 73A Ayer Rajah Crescent, JTC LaunchPad, Singapore 139957

Tel: 9023 0574

Opening Hours: 11:30 am–9 pm (Sun - Fri), 11:30 am–8:30 pm (Sat)


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