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NOWAFTER Cafe: Where Korean Aesthetics Meet Culinary Delights

Image Credits: nowaftercafe on Instagram

NOWAFTER Cafe emerges as a fresh addition to the cafe scene, drawing inspiration from Korean aesthetics and culinary finesse. With its monochromatic interior and artistic pastries, the cafe captivates with its unique blend of visual appeal and delectable menu offerings.

An instant standout is NOWAFTER Cafe's Charkey Bun, which may remind you of the renowned Korean dessert brand NUDAKE's Peak Cake. However, this savory delight takes a different direction, featuring a charcoal-black exterior that encases mozzarella, garlic herbs butter, and truffle sour cream. The aroma of garlic infuses every bite, creating a satisfyingly rich experience.

The Matcha Basque Cheesecake is another irresistible choice, graced with a dollop of mascarpone vanilla cream that adds a delightful contrast to the matcha's earthy notes.

The Dark Cocoa Meringue Brownie takes dessert indulgence to a whole new level. Its velvety layers of artisanal brownie meet delicate vanilla meringue peaks that delicately dissolve in your mouth, offering a harmonious symphony of textures and flavors.

The Blackmisu, a creative twist on the classic tiramisu, promises a thrilling cocoa-infused journey for your taste buds.

Even ice cream enthusiasts have their moment with the Sour Dough Charcoal Gelato Waffles, featuring flavors like Uji Matcha, Dark Chocolate, and Earl Grey Lavender gelato.

Indulge further with their cream-topped Einspanners, available in flavors such as Uji Matcha and Black Sesame, along with the tempting Dark Cocoa Vanilla Latte. These beverages offer not only aesthetic pleasure but also delightful sips.

Experience NOWAFTER Cafe's enchanting ambiance and innovative treats that redefine your cafe experience.

Location: 250 Orchard Rd, #03-01, Singapore 238905

Tel: NA

Opening Hours: 9 am–6 pm


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