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Mr Onigiri: The Rise of Innovative Onigiri Sandwiches and Affordable Delights

Image Credits: mr.onigirisg on Instagram

Mr. Onigiri launched their first kiosk along Upper Thomson to instant acclaim, quickly gaining a massive following on social media. The overwhelming response paved the way for the opening of their second store at VivoCity, which officially welcomed customers on 8th July 2023. This all-new cafe boasts inviting dine-in seats and an enticing selection of stacked onigiri sandwiches. The concept behind Mr. Onigiri is both simple and ingenious, specializing in innovative seaweed-wrapped rice sandwiches inspired by the owner's captivating journey to Okinawa, Japan.

Among their remarkable onigiri creations are the Signature Melted Cheesy Crispy Chicken, Truffle Aioli Chicken Karaage Onigiri, Otakotak Onigiri, and Teriyaki Grilled Salmon Onigiri. These onigiris have become renowned for their unique sandwich shape, generously packed with tantalizing ingredients. What's more, all the onigiris are remarkably affordable, priced below $8 each, making them accessible to all.

For those venturing into the realm of onigiri sandwiches for the first time, a must-try is the Otakotak Onigiri, featuring Japanese seaweed, fragrant Japanese rice, tamagoyaki, savory spam, Muar otak, refreshing Japanese cucumber, and delightful mentaiko sauce.

Indulge in the crowd-favorite Melted Cheesy Crispy Chicken onigiri, boasting luscious Japanese seaweed, fluffy rice, succulent tamagoyaki, flavorsome spam, a slice of tantalizing cheese, crisp Japanese cucumber, a delectable chicken patty made from the juicy thigh part, zesty tartar sauce, and a touch of invigorating Togarashi seasoning.

As an exclusive treat at the VivoCity location, discover three captivating new flavors, one of which is the Ebiko Kani Kama. This delightful creation overflows with sweet snow crab meat, accompanied by the signature mentaiko sauce and a satisfying crunch from the addition of ebiko.

For those seeking additional temptations, Mr. Onigiri's menu offers delightful snacks such as the indulgent Crab Cream Croquettes and the enticing Cheese Fingers. These delectable treats are perfect for sharing and are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Overall, Mr. Onigiri's success is a testament to their unique concept, quality ingredients, and affordable prices. Whether you're a fan of onigiri or new to this culinary delight, a visit to Mr. Onigiri promises a delightful and satisfying experience.

Location: VivoCity #B2-23D, 1 HarbourFront Walk, Singapore 098585

Tel: NA

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm


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