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Indulge in the Sweet, Gooey Deliciousness of Freshly Baked Cinnabon

Image Credits: Cinnabon on Facebook

Having expanded globally since 1985, Cinnabon has become a famous American brand with over 1200 locations worldwide. Its popularity has reached Singapore in 2023, drawing in numerous people who were excited to try their cinnamon rolls. The Singapore outlet's menu is similar to the American menu, featuring their famous cinnamon rolls, in addition to various other baked goods, desserts, and beverages.

Undoubtedly, the Classic Roll is one of the most sought-after menu items. It comprises a soft and warm cinnamon roll topped with a creamy and decadent frosting made of cream cheese. This delightful delicacy is an ideal way to kickstart your day or to gratify your sweet cravings, regardless of the time of day.

The Caramel Pecanbon was another favorite among the assortments, providing a fulfilling sweetness with its delectable caramel finishing. The crispy pecans added a nutty and buttery essence that wonderfully enhanced the Makara Cinnamon used, resulting in a doubly pleasurable experience. Customers also have the option to elevate the decadence of their treat by opting for additional toppings such as Chocolate Syrup, Cream Cheese Frosting, or Caramel Frosting!

Cinnabon's beverage selection features an impressive range of Chillattas, which are frozen blended drinks that come in a variety of flavors. The Mochalatta Chill, a specialty drink that combines coffee and chocolate, is highly recommended and is sure to please those who enjoy this classic pairing.

If you're new to cinnamon rolls, or trying to reinvigorate your perception of the delectability of cinnamon rolls, Cinnabon could be the perfect destination for you!

Location: 252 North Bridge Rd, B1-60 Raffles City, Singapore 179103

Tel: +65 9779 2233

Opening Hours: 11am - 5pm


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