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Indulge in Stretchy Ice Cream at Stretch by Unifive: Kembangan's Newest Halal-Friendly Café

Image Credits: stretchbyunifive on Instagram

Adding a touch of novelty to Singapore's east side, STRETCH by Unifive has made its grand entrance just a five-minute stroll away from Kembangan MRT Station. This trendy new café is a haven for ice cream lovers, offering a unique treat known as stretchy ice cream or booza, which traces its roots back to the Middle East. With its halal-friendly status, STRETCH is ready to captivate taste buds and hearts alike.

The star of the show at STRETCH is their stretchy ice cream, inspired by the concept of Turkish ice cream. This delightful feature adds an element of excitement and playfulness to the ice cream-eating experience, making every bite a memorable one.

Priced at $4.90 for a single scoop and $8.90 for a double scoop, STRETCH provides an affordable indulgence. For those seeking premium flavors, an additional dollar is charged. The menu boasts a diverse range of options, from classic favorites like Matcha, Chocolate, and Cappuccino to more adventurous choices such as Rose Pistachio, Cookie Monster, Banana Walnut, Blueberry, and Honey and Lemon.

Let's explore some of the delectable offerings at STRETCH. The Cappuccino flavor provides a rich and smooth coffee-infused delight, perfect for coffee aficionados seeking a sweet pick-me-up. The Rose Pistachio, infused with fragrant rose essence and adorned with crunchy pistachio bits, offers a floral and nutty symphony of flavors that is both refreshing and satisfying.

For those with a love for all things indulgent, the Cookie Monster is a must-try. With its vibrant blue hue, this flavor features a delightful blend of Oreo crumbs and house-made cookies, resulting in a heavenly mix of textures and a symphony of chocolatey goodness.

In addition to the enticing stretchy ice cream, STRETCH provides an add-on option: the Croffle. Served separately in a container, these chewy and delightful croissant-waffle hybrids elevate the ice cream experience, providing a satisfying accompaniment to the creamy delights.

Indulge in their generous and filling choices such as the Egg Mayo Croissant and Ham & Cheese Croissant, both of which provide a delightful combination of flavors. The fluffy croissants filled with creamy egg mayo or layered with savory ham and melted cheese create a satisfying and mouthwatering experience, whether you're starting your day or enjoying a brunch treat alongside their stretchy ice cream delights.

STRETCH is set to become a go-to destination for ice cream enthusiasts in the east. With its halal-friendly status, inviting ambiance, and irresistible stretchy ice cream offerings, this new gem is ready to leave a lasting impression. So take a stroll to Kembangan, savor the stretchy indulgence, and experience the joy that STRETCH brings to the ice cream scene in Singapore.

Location: 430 Changi Road, Singapore 419872

Tel: NA

Opening Hours: 24/7


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