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Indulge in Affordable and Popular Korean Favorites at Ajumma's

Image Credits: ajummasg on Instagram

Indulge in wallet-friendly Korean favorites at Ajumma's, where you can satisfy your cravings with generous portions of beloved dishes. This popular eatery, sporting a name and logo reminiscent of a traditional Korean auntie, is known for its affordable prices and delicious offerings.

One of the highlights at Ajumma's is the Signature Beef Kalbi. This dish features slices of USDA prime beef marinated in a delightful sweet-savoury sauce and cooked to perfection in a wok, resulting in tender and juicy meat. Served with complimentary rice and a selection of four side dishes, it's a complete and satisfying meal.

For a comforting and flavorful option, try the Jjajangbap. This dish combines steamed white rice with a rich and savory black bean sauce, accompanied by tender pork and crisp vegetables. The combination creates a delectable harmony of flavors.

If you're in the mood for something crispy and indulgent, the Crispy Samgyeopsal with creamy scrambled eggs and Soy-Yuja sauce is a must-try. Grilled pork belly slices are paired with fluffy eggs and rice, drizzled with a unique yuzu-soya sauce for a savory and citrusy taste experience.

For a delightful snack or a sharing dish, the Fried Chicken & Crispy Toppoki with Sweet-Spicy Sauce hits the spot. Crunchy and juicy fried chicken is paired with crispy yet chewy rice cakes, generously coated in a sticky red sauce that offers a perfect balance of sweetness and mild spiciness.

Kimchi Stew enthusiasts will find satisfaction in Ajumma's improved recipe for the Kimchi Pork Stew. Simmered for hours with premium dried seafood, Korean condiments, and vegetables, this rich and comforting stew features specially fermented kimchi that perfectly complements the flavorful broth. Topped with pork slices, tofu, mushrooms, and fresh chilies, it's a hearty bowl of goodness suitable for any season.

At Ajumma's, you can enjoy a wallet-friendly dining experience without compromising on taste and quality. With their diverse menu of Korean favorites, generous portions, and affordable prices, Ajumma's is the perfect spot for satisfying your cravings.

Location: 107 North Bridge Rd, #B1-31, Singapore 179105

Tel: +65 8922 5624

Opening Hours: 11 am–9 pm (Mon), 11 am–9:15 pm (Tues - Sun)


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