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Hundred Acre Creamery: Winne the Pooh Inspired Artisanal Delights

Image Credits: on Instagram

Established in 2020, Hundred Acre Creamery is driven by a profound passion for crafting fresh gelato from premium ingredients. The founders drew inspiration from the timeless "Winnie the Pooh" story, recognizing the parallels between this beloved tale and the essence of ice cream. Both evoke pure joy, genuine happiness, and companionship, transcending age and time. Their gelato, waffles, desserts, and beverages are more than culinary creations; they embody personal preferences, life experiences, and identities. Given one owner's Vietnamese heritage, the menu features a captivating array of Vietnamese delights.

The irresistible Signature Coconut Pandan Waffle, adorned with handcrafted gelato, truly showcases their commitment to quality. Fashioned from fresh coconut milk and fragrant pandan, this waffle delights with its aromatic crunch and an addictive, mochi-like chewiness. Alternatively, the Signature Belgian Waffle, crafted with French butter, fresh milk, and eggs, boasts a delightful contrast of crispy exteriors and fluffy, soft interiors.

The gelato lineup showcases uniqueness and memorability. The Ocean Blue, with white chocolate, blue pea flowers, and nori, offers an earthy creaminess. For coffee enthusiasts, the Ca Phe, a Vietnamese premium filtered coffee flavor, impresses with its robust aroma and roasted notes. The Ispahan Sorbet combines rose, lychee, and raspberry for a refreshing, floral, and subtly tangy experience. Classic flavors like Madagascar Vanilla & Biscoff deliver creamy, caramelized indulgence, while the Rocher, featuring Chocolate Hazelnut, boasts a rich, nutty profile. A new addition to the lineup is the Blue Pea Macadamia, blending the creamy richness of macadamia nuts with the floral essence of blue pea flowers, creating a visually stunning base. Roasted nuts and a touch of sea salt balance the sweetness, enhancing the overall flavor.

For those seeking Vietnamese-inspired delights, Hundred Acre Creamery pays homage to Dalat, their favorite city in Vietnam. They import special 034 "long-neck" avocados from Dalat to craft a silky-smooth and creamy avocado cream, paired with a scoop of refreshing coconut sorbet. The Coco Affogato is a creative take on the traditional affogato, featuring Vietnamese black coffee and a gelato scoop of your choice. The Viet Coffee, with its nutty, fragrant, and robust character, offers a thick, satisfying mouthfeel, concluding with a delightful hint of chocolate.

Hundred Acre Creamery is more than an ice cream parlor; it's a sensory journey filled with flavors that tell a story of passion and culinary artistry.

Location: 109 Clementi Street 11, #01-37, Singapore 120109

Tel: +65 9764 9107

Opening Hours: 12–11 pm


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