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Hellu Coffee: Signature Croffles and Creamus

Image Credits: hellu_coffee on Instagram

Nestled within the charming enclave of Far East Square, Hellu Coffee beckons with its warm and inviting ambiance, adorned with Kinfolk-inspired decor that adds a touch of coziness to the space. Renowned for its signature buttery croffles, aromatic coffee, and a distinctive line of drinks adorned with dollops of sweet cream, Hellu Coffee promises a delightful gastronomic journey.

The croffles, a fusion of croissants and waffles, steal the spotlight with their impeccable texture and taste. Externally crisp and flaky, they reveal layers of soft fluffiness within. The menu boasts a diverse array of options, catering to both sweet and savory palates. The Sesame Cream Croffle is a testament to culinary finesse, featuring airy, smooth cream infused with specks of sesame that impart an earthy and wonderfully fragrant note. Pair it with the delicately crisp-chewy and buttery croffle for a harmonious blend of textures and flavors. For those craving a savory twist, the Maple Bacon Croffle offers a delightful interplay of sweet and savory notes, generously stuffed with delectable bacon bits.

Hellu Coffee's innovation extends to its signature Creamu drinks, a delightful ensemble of beverages crowned with dollops of the cafe's homemade sweet cream. One of the favorites is the Iced White Creamu, a chocolate nutty latte that tantalizes the taste buds with its rich and velvety profile, complemented by the indulgent homemade sweet cream. Alternatively, immerse yourself in the bittersweet symphony of flavors with the Matcha Creamu, a matcha-infused delight that captivates with its earthy undertones.

At Hellu Coffee, each visit is an invitation to savor moments of culinary excellence, where the artistry of croffles and the allure of Creamu drinks converge to create a memorable experience. Indulge in the charm of Far East Square as you partake in the culinary offerings of this hidden gem.

Location: 137 Amoy St, #01-05 Far East Square, Singapore 049965

Tel: NA

Opening Hours: 8 am–5 pm (Mon - Thurs), 8 am–4 pm (Fri), 10 am–4 pm (Sat), Closed (Sun)


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