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Hello Arigato: Exquisite Japanese Sandos with Premium Fillings

Image Credits: helloarigato.official on Instagram

Hello Arigato has established itself as one of the most popular cafes in Joo Chiat, and it's easy to see why. Despite its simple decor, the cozy and intimate ambiance instantly captured our hearts. The highlight of the cafe is a delightful shelf adorned with carefully chosen Japanese and minimalist decorations, adding a touch of charm to the space. Don't miss the chance to indulge in their mouthwatering Japanese-inspired sandos - they're a must-try!

The Gyu Sando, is a delectable sandwich featuring a thick cut of Angus beef sirloin, generously slathered with caramelized sweet onion jam, and served between slices of fluffy Japanese milk bread. The combination of the savory beef and the sweetness of the onion jam created a harmonious balance of flavors. The beef had a light, crispy breadcrumb coating that added an enjoyable crunch to each bite.

Indulging in the Spam & Egg Sando was an absolute delight. This mouthwatering sandwich showcases a thick slice of savory luncheon meat, accompanied by generous portions of fluffy scrambled eggs and creamy American cheddar cheese. All these delectable fillings are nestled within a soft Japanese brioche bun, perfectly complemented by a tangy and flavorful spiced tomato jam. Every bite of this sandwich was truly satisfying and left us craving for more.

The Otah Sando was a delightful treat with its irresistible sambal sauce that brought a spicy kick to the otah. The creamy coconut sauce perfectly complemented the flavors, while the otah itself showcased visible chunks of fish meat for added texture. A refreshing slice of cucumber added a delightful crunch to complete this mouthwatering sandwich.

To satisfy our sweet tooth, we couldn't resist trying their renowned Hello Sticky Buns. These delectable treats feature a foundation of brioche buns adorned with delectable chunks of pecan nuts and a dusting of fragrant cinnamon powder. The pièce de résistance is the luscious caramelized brown sugar sauce generously drizzled over the buns. With each cut, we discovered tantalizing swirls of the brown sugar sauce, enhancing the sweetness and making every bite truly indulgent.

Get ready to treat yourself to a delightful culinary experience at Hello Arigato, where you'll find a selection of high-quality and delectable food offerings. Prepare to indulge in their delectable bakes and creative dishes, showcasing a diverse range of flavors and options for discerning consumers. Don't miss the opportunity to try out their tempting offerings and savor the exceptional taste they have to offer!

Location: 227 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574359

Tel: +65 8772 3778

Opening Hours: 10 am–4 pm, 6–9 pm (Tues - Fri), 10 am–9 pm (Sat - Sun), Closed (Mon)


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