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Frites: Loaded Belgian Fries with Irresistible Flavors

Image Credits: on Instagram

Introducing Frites, the latest gastronomic sensation from the creators of KREAM. This exciting new brand is all about delivering tantalizing loaded Belgian Fries in town. Prepare your taste buds for a delightful experience as these thick-cut fries are meticulously fried to order, ensuring ultimate freshness. Once perfectly golden and crispy, they are generously crowned with shabu-style beef slices.

But the true showstopper is the lavish drizzle of sauce that cascades over the fries, creating an irresistible masterpiece that not only satisfies your cravings but also beckons your camera for that perfect 'gram-worthy shot.

Delight in a gastronomic adventure with Frites' Truffle Loaded Beef Fries, a culinary masterpiece that takes you on a journey through rich and earthy flavors. These thick-cut fries are fried to a golden, crispy perfection, setting the stage for a truly indulgent experience. The star of the show is the lavish drizzle of truffle-infused goodness that cascades over the fries, perfectly harmonizing with the succulent beef. This symphony of taste creates an unforgettable sensory delight, with each bite offering a tantalizing aroma of truffle that elevates the tender beef to new heights.

In the Mentaiko Loaded Beef Fries, it's all about the creamy mentaiko mayo, stealing the spotlight in this delightful creation. This velvety mayo takes center stage, perfectly complementing the succulent beef strips and chunky fries to deliver a symphony of harmonious flavors that burst with delight on your taste buds.

Embark on a journey of cheesy indulgence with the Cheesy Loaded Beef Fries, where warm nacho cheese, meticulously heated to perfection, lavishly drapes the fries. A gentle sprinkle of paprika infuses a smoky dimension, resulting in a delightful fusion of cheesy goodness harmoniously intertwined with the savory beefy essence.

For those who savor the delightful combination of sour cream and onion, don't miss the Creamy Onion Loaded Beef Fries. This flavor option boasts a mild yet creamy sauce that's been elevated with the essence of onion powder, evoking the nostalgic flavors of your beloved sour cream and onion-flavored chips.

Location: 114 Arab Street, Singapore 199809

Tel: +65 8749 9679

Opening Hours: 12 pm–9 pm (Sun - Thurs), 12 pm–10 pm (Fri-Sat), Closed (Mon)


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