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Fiery, Bold, and Spicy: Exploring the Flavorful World of Gong Yuan Ma La Tang

Image Credits: gongyuansg on Instagram

Established in 2017, Gong Yuan Ma La Tang is a locally-owned brand that strives to offer a unique Mala cuisine experience while maintaining the authenticity of the local fan-favorite dish. To avoid leaving a greasy or overwhelming aftertaste, their soup bases are carefully crafted and continuously enhanced based on customer feedback and extensive research and development.

The ingredient selection at this establishment offers a diverse range of options, including seafood, meat, vegetables, and other sides. If you are in a pickle, do try some of our recommended ingredients! Our favorite combination includes potato, chinese cabbage, lotus root, enoki mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, pork luncheon meat, sliced pork, cheese tofu, tofu beancurd strips, sweet potato noodles and maggi noodles!

Gong Yuan Ma La Tang offers customers a range of choices for their soup bases, including Mala, Pickled Vegetables, Pork Bone, Tomato, and Mushroom. Customers can also select from three levels of spiciness: small, medium, or large. The mala soup, in particular, is rich, flavorful, and has a satisfyingly bold taste. It boasts a delightful fragrance of mala peppercorn and spices, with the perfect amount of spiciness and numbness. This soup is a great comfort food on rainy days. Another highly recommended soup base is the Tomato Mala, which is perfect for non-spicy eaters. It has a great balance of sweetness and savoriness.

In conclusion, Gong Yuan Mala Tang offers a unique and satisfying hot pot experience with its locally-owned brand and carefully crafted soup bases. A definite must-try for those who want to experience the authentic taste of Ma La cuisine.

Location: 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #02-15/16, Singapore 569933

Tel: + 65 6461 3782

Opening Hours: 11 am–9.30 pm


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