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Chun Feng Man Mian: Elevating the Classic Wanton Noodles Experience

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Wanton Noodles is a renowned dish in the food industry, traditionally prepared with egg noodles, tender char siu, boiled vegetables, and a side of soup with wontons. However, Adrian Chng and C.R Tan, the founders of Chun Feng Man Mian, have taken this classic dish to new heights by incorporating high-quality ingredients such as premium Iberico pork belly and truffle slices. Their stall focuses on two main offerings: the Signature Char Siu Noodles and the Truffle Char Siu Noodles.

The Iberico Char Siu is marinated for 24 hours with a unique blend of herbs, spices, and oolong tea, resulting in a mouthwatering taste that perfectly complements the bouncy noodles. With an optimal balance of fat and lean meat, the pork is succulent and flavorful, and its addictive seasoning is hard to resist. Each bowl is thoughtfully arranged, including a side of braised cabbage adorned with crispy fried shallots and fried wontons, providing an array of textures that is sure to satisfy any palate.

For those who prefer truffle flavor, the Truffle Char Siu Noodles are a great option that offers both simplicity and luxury, highlighting the richness of this lavish ingredient in a classic dish. The noodles are delicately coated in a mild truffle sauce that will delight truffle lovers, and are elegantly topped with slices of truffle that enhance the aroma, savoriness, and flavor of the dish.

The dish also includes a serving of soup featuring two delectable dumplings enveloped in a silky and tender skin. The soup is a light tonkotsu broth that harmoniously complements the noodles, providing an additional layer of flavor to the dish. The mixture of succulent filling and velvety wrapping in a savory broth makes this wonton soup an indulging and comforting bowl of warmth.

It's surprising to see how such traditional dishes can be elevated to a premium level. If you're seeking a unique twist on the classic Wanton Noodles, be sure to check out Chun Feng Man Mian for a completely new and exciting culinary adventure!

Location: 7 Maxwell Rd, #02-114, Singapore 069111

Tel: +65 9126 0290

Opening Hours: 8:30 am–2:30 pm (Mon - Fri), Closed (Sat - Sun)


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