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Chinese Tofu Magician - Smooth Soymilk with Creamy Foam and Chewy Mochi

Image Credits: Chinese Tofu Magician

Chinese Tofu Magician is a catering brand specializing in crafting unique desserts and snacks, specifically soy milk, beancurd, soy ice cream, and other creative options! What is so special about this brand is that they utilize high-grade soybeans and employ a traditional 8-step process to produce their soy milk. Their Signature Soy Milk Tea series became popular some time ago, and we can certainly see why!

We tried the Soymilk Tea with White Jade Balls which consists of smooth soy milk, creamy foam, soybean powder and chewy mochi balls. The white jade balls, intended to be dipped into the creamy foam part of the soy milk, were delightfully chewy! However, even though the soy milk was smooth and aromatic, we felt that it tasted like normal soy milk out there.

Overall, Chinese Tofu Magician was an interesting innovation, and if you are a fan of soybean milk, do give this brand a try! Other than the Signature Soy Milk Tea series, there are a variety of other desserts and snacks like Mango Sago Pomelo or Soy Milk Cone!


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