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Cekopis Singapore: Viral Popia Pisang Snack from Malaysia

Image Credits: cekopis_sg on instagram

No need to embark on a journey to Malaysia to experience the viral sensation of popia pisang, as Cekopis Singapore has planted its roots on Changi Road, bringing this delightful treat to your doorstep. The original Cekopis, a brainchild of Malaysian celebrity Shikin Maembong, has made its way to Singapore, making it easier than ever to enjoy the mouthwatering combination of popiah skin and luscious banana fillings.

Banana spring rolls, lovingly known as "popiah pisang" in Malay, or simply "popis," have taken Malaysia by storm in recent years. This trend has given rise to a multitude of roadside stalls and home bakers, each putting their unique spin on this delectable treat. The process begins with ripe banana fillings, tenderly encased in spring roll wrappers, then meticulously fried to a state of golden perfection. Following this frying process, a medley of delectable toppings is added, ranging from syrupy drizzles to tantalizing crumbles.

Now, at Cekopis Singapore, you can relish these decadent, crispy, and piping-hot popia pisang, adorned with a captivating selection of premium toppings. Choose from a delightful array, including Caramel, Cheese, Nestum, Chocolate, Biscoff, Oreo, and Nutella. For those with an unwavering sweet tooth, the Nutella Popia Pisang is a must-try, with the velvety sweetness of Nutella harmonizing flawlessly with the creamy banana filling. Alternatively, if savory flavors pique your interest, the Cheese option offers an enticing contrast, with its subtle saltiness beautifully complementing the Popia Pisang's inherent deliciousness. This snack sensation is a gastronomic adventure you absolutely won't want to miss!

Location: Millage, 55 Changi Road

Tel: +65 9244 3234

Opening Hours: 1 pm–10 pm


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