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Campaigns With a Cause

Our job is to bridge brands, no matter how big or small, with their target audience and the wider community. Through humanising them and connecting them with organisations via campaigns that are most aligned with the brand's objectives, TPW Media has successfully built awareness for multiple brands. 

Frozt x Touch Community Services

To raise awareness for disadvantaged youths, we connected Frozt with Touch Young Arrows: a Singapore-based initiative that helps children from low-income and/or single-home families.

With a goal of empowering the bright minds of tomorrow, we wanted to get the Frozt community to share just some of the things they wanted to be when they grew up. 

For each entry, Frozt sent out a popsicle to the youths at Touch Young Arrows while shedding light on some of the initiatives that are part of their organisation. 

Frozt Children's Day - IG.png

Scoopz x PAP SparkleTots Preschool

Scoopz collaborated with PAP SparkleTots to provide preschoolers with the most memorable last-day-of-school. 

Preschoolers were encouraged to express their creativity through a colouring contest, with the creators of the top 3 artwork being rewarded with an extra prize. But of course, we couldn't resist not giving every child a Scoopz of their own! 

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