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World Tea House 世界茶饮: A Place for Bubble Tea Lovers

World Tea House is an exceptional tea brand that has its roots in Taiwan, serving not just regular flavored milk teas but also fruit teas and other healthy tea drinks ensuring that consumers get to enjoy a delicious drink without giving in to indulgence.

With over 50 drinks available on the menu, we were absolutely spoiled for choice! We decided to choose 3 different flavors to try; World Milk Tea, Bobo Fresh Milk as well as Strawberry Mochi.

World Milk Tea is one of their best sellers comprising 6 different toppings: Amber Pearl, Coconut Jelly, Pudding, Grass Jelly, Barley and Red Bean. This delightful drink was light and aromatic and topped with generous fillings. The nutty and grainy red bean topping was a pleasant surprise, creating another dimension of flavor and texture. For those who prefer their beverages on the lighter side with less sweetness, do give this a try!

World Milk Tea | Light & Aromatic

Ratings: 6/10

Bobo Fresh Milk is a mixture of fresh milk and brown sugar pearls. The thick and creamy texture of fresh milk was complemented by the chewy brown sugar pearls, which infused the drink with a burst of sweetness and enhanced its overall flavor profile. We would definitely recommend brown sugar boba lovers to try this out!

Bobo Fresh Milk | Creamy & Rich

Ratings: 7/10

Other than the Classic Bubble Teas, we also tried one of their unique drinks; the Strawberry Mochi. This refreshing and fruity drink combines milk tea, freshly cut strawberries, and chewy mochi fillings, making it a unique and delicious choice. Especially on a hot and sunny day, it's a perfect beverage to cool down with.

Strawberry Mochi | Fresh & Refreshing

Ratings: 6/10

Overall, World Tea House was an unexpected find that came as a surprise to us! They offer a variety of experimental flavors, creating their own unique twist on the traditional bubble tea. Grab a friend or two and head on over to try out their delicious and refreshing drinks. You won't be disappointed!

Location: Blk 201D Tampines St. 21, #01-1129, Singapore 524201

Tel: +65 9685 9770

Opening Hours: 11am – 9.30pm


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